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Have your company work for you,
rather than you work for your company.

Have your company
work for you, rather
than you work
for your company.

Whether you, as a business owner, are frustrated by the time you spend problem-solving, managing staff, or handling day-to-day tasks that distract you from your original objective, Orpheum Consulting is here to help you achieve measurable change, and reach your personal goals.
Following our
three step process:
There are no
wrong answers.
Orpheum Consulting works with key members
of your business to identify the challenges
facing your organization. During this process,
your team will be encouraged to share anything
that they feel may be preventing your business
from realizing its full potential.
Create with
feeling, manage
with fact.
Orpheum Consulting will work to
quantify the net effect of the challenges to
your business that have been identified.
Ascertaining a dollar value associated with
each challenge allows you, as the business
owner, to make informed decisions
based on fact rather than feeling.
Measure what
you manage.
Guided by the facts learned while
quantifying your challenges, Orpheum
Consulting will devise and implement methods
of positive change, prioritized by first
addressing those challenges that have the
largest impact to your business. Most
importantly, your company will have
leading metrics devised by
which to measure progress.