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Orpheum Consulting is dedicated to helping
business owners achieve their goals.

Orpheum Consulting is
dedicated to helping
business owners
achieve their goals.

Why hire Orpheum Consulting?

Why hire
Orpheum Consulting?

Our goal is to be
a profit center for you.
Orpheum Consulting will opt out of any project in which we would be a net burden to our client.
We work with discretion
and confidentiality.
Orpheum Consulting will never disclose a client’s identity or confidential information, even after we have finished working together.
Our clients can count on
full transparency.
From the beginning, each client knows how much Orpheum Consulting’s services will cost. Our fee is not hourly and, therefore, will not lead to unwanted financial surprises.
Craig Chamberlain
An experienced business professional and successful entrepreneur, Craig Chamberlain began his professional career working within the cruise industry. He rose within entertainment and hotel operation departments, eventually reaching management positions within supply chain. Following his experience at cruise lines, he became partner and Managing Director of a company that grew to become the world’s largest supplier of entertainment technology to the marine industry.

From his beginnings within the Cruise Industry, Craig has branched out to guide a wide range of companies. As a Management Consultant, Craig has worked with companies from small start-ups to multinational organizations in fields such as Entertainment Technology, Fashion, Agriculture, Entertainment Production, Energy Support Services, Trade Associations, Automotive Services, Fine Art Sales, Cruise Ship Operations, Software Development, Media, Aviation, and Theatre Management. Craig has held board of directors, advisory board, and charitable committee positions, and has served as a corporate officer to multiple companies, maximizing their profitability, and helping business owners achieve their goals.

Nowadays, Craig expects to be asked one question more than all others: “What does a Management Consultant do?”. An effective Management Consultant will ensure that companies reach their maximum potential, and help business owners reach their goals. With Orpheum Consulting, Craig has been proud to help his clients maximize profitability, and has been encouraged to witness hard-working entrepreneurs benefit from the businesses they’ve created.